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At Virginia Tech IEEE we strive to develop well rounded and professional engineers ready to be leaders in the industry and make positive impacts on society. Our passion is to provide resources and opportunities to Virginia Tech engineering students to assist in the development of professional, social, and academic skills.

Our Chapter

We hold numerous events and projects during the year to aid the technical and professional development of students; from building professional skills through networking events, to building one's own "robot", to benefiting from resume and interview workshops, to landing an internship or job position through one of our info-sessions. We organize these events along with many others; we are working to increase the quality and quantity of our events. We need your help to continue and grow. Our events are always free of charge and open to all students, and we hope to always keep it that way. Our budget is the only limiting factor in our plan. Your (tax-deductible!) sponsorship to us is much appreciated, and will help change that!

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