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What is IEEE VT alumni?

The IEEE VT Alumni network represents a dynamic and influential community of individuals who have made substantial contributions to the fields of research, development, leadership, and service. Their achievements have left a lasting impact on the world, and we are keen to establish a meaningful connection with them as they transition from IEEE @ VT upon graduation. 

Our intention is to create a bridge that keeps us connected to our esteemed alumni, allowing us to draw inspiration from their remarkable journeys and accomplishments. Within the IEEE @ VT community, we aspire to learn from their wealth of knowledge and experiences, which we view as a valuable resource to be passed on to the next generation of engineers.

 Through the IEEE VT Alumni network, our objective is to nurture and sustain these invaluable connections because, to us, our alumni are a treasure trove of wisdom and insight that can continue to enrich our organization and inspire future generations of engineers.